The White Album

Release Date: July 8, 2020
332 pages
Available on: Amazon

With his 13th photography album, Daniel Thomas MacInnes has created an enormously sprawling book that captures the diverse moods of the year 2020: hope and cynicism, activism and violence, nostalgia and modernism. It portrays the streets of Chicago in a tone that is clear-headed, hopeful but wary, embracing the calm beauty of the natural world while grappling with the disruptions of modern civilization.

The Beatles’ 1968 White Album serves as a guiding light, inspiring this book’s diversity and sprawl, as well as its double-album, four-sided structure. Images of trees and parks are set against protest signs and political murals. Middle-class homes lie behind rusted gates. Beaches are submerged by rising tides of water and sand. People struggle to congregate in public while “socially distancing,” while new seeds emerge from old trees. It is a portrait of a nation and a world at the crossroads.

This book features a wide variety of visual styles ranging from documentary realism to psychedelic surrealism, from color to black-and-white. 320 photographs are included along with a short essay, making The White Album an essential album for dedicated and casual art & photography fans alike.

The ebook edition of The White Album has been carefully designed for viewing on all digital devices including smartphones and tablets. Text is easily readable and images are of the highest quality. Careful attention has been given to delivering the smallest possible file size, resulting in a low price that anyone can afford.

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