Riot Act: Anthology III

Release Date: June 24, 2021
220 pages
Available on: Amazon

Riot Act: Anthology III is the 21st book from artist and author Daniel Thomas MacInnes, and the third volume of artwork, paintings and sketches from his career ranging from 1998 to 2017. This collection of drawings and sketches are thematically connected by street graffiti, the world of fanzines and the endless drive to goof off while working an office job. It consists of four main chapters: 1998 Works, Coloring Books, Post-It Notes and Starbucks, plus a fifth “remix” chapter assembled exclusively for this book in 2021.

Everything that appears in this book was created with the simplest of tools: markers, highlighter pens, crayons, spray paint, Kinko’s brand correction fluid, scissors, glue and photocopy machines. It evokes the style and spirit of zero budget “do-it-yourself” zine culture, inspiring viewers to pick up paper, pen and markers and create their own masterpieces, without the need for elaborate tools and paints.

Many of these artworks have been exhibited in galleries, coffee shops and art shows over the years, while many others have never been shown in public. These include a number of sketches and drawings that might have served as the foundation for future, larger-scale art projects, and this provides readers with a glimpse inside the artist’s creative process.

Riot Act follows in the footsteps of the author’s previous anthology books War & Peace: Digital Art and Galaxy Four: Modern Art and will be embraced by fans of those works as well as students of modern art.
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