Release Date: June 19, 2021
288 pages
Available on: Amazon

With his 20th book, Daniel Thomas MacInnes presents a brilliantly executed fusion of photography and digital art. Featuring 30 model sets and 280 portraits, these images burst with color, texture and vitality. Its inspirations range from Warhol Pop Art to modernist and abstract painting, punk and fanzine culture, even 1980s computer graphics. In the author’s words, the goal is to “create digital art that doesn’t look like digital art.”

Portraits aims to push the limits of digital art, blurring the lines between painting and photography until they fully merge. Some pieces resemble acrylic, oil or watercolor paintings, while others look like they were drawn on a Commodore Amiga or Atari ST computer. Some strongly resemble screen printing techniques, others like they were scribbled together with pencils or marker pens and run through a color photocopier. The visual designs are a direct descendent to what was seen in the MacInnes’ previous books Biotracer, Fire Shark and The White Album, and fans of those volumes will enjoy this latest evolution in the author’s ever-evolving style.

The ebook edition of Portraits has been carefully designed for viewing on all digital devices including smartphones and tablets. Text is easily readable and images are of the highest quality. Careful attention has been given to delivering the smallest possible file size, resulting in a low price that anyone can afford.

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