Lincoln Park Zoo

Release Date: Dec 5, 2018
83 pages
Available on: Amazon

With his third photography book, Daniel Thomas MacInnes takes a tour of Chicago’s celebrated Lincoln Park Zoo, home to polar bears, giraffes, tropical fish, exotic birds and primate families. The documentary realism is greatly inspired by 1940s film noir and 1920s silent cinema with deep blacks, long shadows and mysterious figures.

The second edition of this book features a revised cover, a reduced and more tightly edited page count, and a new introductory essay from the artist. This book is an excellent addition for all fans of street photography and modern art.

The ebook edition of Lincoln Park Zoo has been carefully designed for viewing on all digital devices including smartphones and tablets. Text is easily readable and images are of the highest quality. Special attention has been given to delivering the smallest possible file size, resulting in a low price that anyone can afford.

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