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Thank you for supporting this website and my work. To show you my gratitude, I want to send you a free ebook as my personal thanks. This is the digital edition of Greatest Hits: An Anthology in Four Volumes (a $4.99 value), a collection of essays from my books Zen Arcade: Classic Video Game Reviews and Pop Life, as well as essays from two unfinished projects still in production.

Chapters in this book include: ActRaiser, Anne of Green Gables, California Games, Donkey Kong Country, Herzog Zwei, My Neighbor Totoro, Napoleon Dynamite, Ratatouille, Sonic CD, Spirited Away, The Thriller Zombies Come to Chew on the Corpse, Truth is the First Casualty of War, and 80 more.

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Greatest Hits: An Anthology in Four Volumes – Get Your Free Ebook!