Galaxy Four: Modern Art

Release Date: July 8, 2020
216 pages
Available on: Amazon

In his latest volume, artist and author Daniel Thomas MacInnes presents an anthology of paintings and artwork created from 1998-2002. Four distinct genres are presented: acrylics, watercolors, “watercanvas” (watercolor paintings on canvas) and “b-sides” (collage works created on the back sides of paintings). 106 pieces are featured in this gallery collection, along with detailed essays and notes on each individual title.

This book captures a formative and highly creative period in the artist’s career, capturing the excitement, energy and boundless hope of the new millennium. It demonstrates a freewheeling, relentless search for innovation, experimenting with multiple techniques and art styles, and attempting to forge new frontiers for modern abstract art.

These paintings draw inspiration from many of the 20th Century’s greatest innovators, including Jackson Pollack, Joan Miro, Vassily Kandinsky, Willem de Kooning and Andy Warhol. Titles and themes are often satirical and immersed in celebrity and pop culture, citing names and references to Frank Zappa, The Simpsons, The Marx Brothers, Sesame Street, Aldous Huxley, Pauline Kael, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Outcast, Rage Against the Machine, Ani Difranco and The Old Testament.

The ebook edition of Galaxy Four has been carefully designed for viewing on all digital devices including smartphones and tablets. Text is easily readable and images are of the highest quality. Careful attention has been given to delivering the smallest possible file size, resulting in a low price that anyone can afford.

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