Fire Shark

Release Date: July 8, 2020
52 pages
Available on: Amazon

In his 12th photography book, Daniel Thomas MacInnes pushes the medium to its absolute limit with a gallery of 44 photos drenched in exploding saturations of light and color. Its inspiration draws from the art of the 1990s alternative-rock era as defined by such legends as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Helmet, Radiohead and Gustavo Cerati.

All photos were created exclusively on Apple iPhone Xr, with no additional post-processing or editing beyond the built-in camera tools. The goal was to push the camera’s abilities to the breaking point, creating photos that bleed, pixelate, warp and melt in fascinating and unexpected ways.

This style of surrealist art is an extension of the previous photo album, Biotracer, and also serves as a short counterpoint to the following book, The White Album. The book is presented in the style of an art or music zine, which is itself a nod to the author’s teenage roots.

Fire Shark is an exciting, provocative and challenging book and should appeal to fans of abstract art and street photography alike.

The ebook edition of Fire Shark has been carefully designed for viewing on all digital devices including smartphones and tablets. Text is easily readable and images are of the highest quality. Careful attention has been given to delivering the smallest possible file size, resulting in a low price that anyone can afford.

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