New Release: Portraits

Portraits, my newest art & photography book, is now live on Amazon KDP Select. This is my 20th book and I’m excited to share it with you. It features 30 model sets and 280 portraits in a variety of digital art styles including Pop Art, Modernism, Abstraction and 1980s Computer Graphics. This project has been in production for the past year and is a true labor of love. You’re going to love it.

In addition, I’ll be running a FREE ebook promotion on Monday, June 21 and Tuesday, June 22. Simply visit the Amazon page and download your copy right away. Be sure to tell your family and friends as well, and don’t forget to leave that all-important five-star review as well.

Visit the Portraits page on the main Books section for direct link to Amazon, full description of the book and a sampling of images.

Opening Post, Version 2.0

Hello, there. This is the opening post for the blog on the DT MEDIA website, which is the home of my many creative outputs. This website has been completely rebuilt from scratch, and as a result, is still undergoing the final stages of construction. Please excuse the mess until everything is perfectly tidy.

The books library is ready for viewing, and there you can find details on the 19 titles I have currently published, including sample images, reviews and links to purchase your own copies. You may also note the “free ebook” button on the menu, where you can receive a free digital copy of one of my books. Feel free to help yourself to both.

In addition, there will be news updates, essays and reviews here on the blog. I would certainly love to get some articles published as quickly as possible, but time restraints will certainly keep everything in check. Specifically, the time restraints of a seven-month-old daughter. We’ll do the best that we can.

Thank you for visiting my website and checking out my work. A special thanks to everyone who downloaded or purchased any of my books. I am eternally grateful for your generosity and kindness.