Art Gallery: More New Portraits

Once again, I have a handful of new portraits to show off, as part of an ongoing series that is slowly building itself into another book. I think these came out well, and the pixelation as a result of digital file compression only helps to enhance the image. I like the presence of 1980s-style computer pixels, so it fits in nicely. I tell myself that if I can produce one or two sets a day, the book can be finished fairly quickly, so we’ll see how that goes.

Art Gallery: A Few More Portraits

As always, strike when the iron is hot. When inspiration arrives, you must rush forward as quickly as possible before it dissipates, for you never know when, or even if, it returns. In that sense, inspiration is really just another word for love. And when it comes to art, you better love what you do, because heaven only knows almost everybody else isn’t going to give a hoot.

Here is a sampling of several new portraits that I completed. I think they came through very well, and while they were a bit more challenging in places, everything did come through in the end. Once again, I am aiming for a painterly visual style, something that doesn’t obviously shout out “digital photograph.” It’s not anything close to what anyone else is doing with either digital art or photography, but that’s par for the course for me.

These will find their way into a future art/photography book, no question about that. I’ve thought for some time that the next volume should involve portraits, as nearly everything else involved locations, scenery and abstractions. We’ve gotta see some faces after all that, especially after the year of COVID.

Art Gallery: A Look at Some Portraits

For much of the past year, I have been working on my next major photography project, which is a series of Pop Art portraits that continue what I would call the “Biotracer style” that has infused my last three books. It has been a long and slow process, mostly because I’m still not sure how it will proceed, but at this current stage appears that it will be a series of “Portraits” books that could stretch into the infinite future. I don’t want to make another massive “double album” volume like The White Album and will probably try to keep the page lengths down.

This series of digital photographs were taken this weekend. The subject comes from a Mariano’s supermarket recruiting poster, captured on an Apple iPhone Xr. All of the subsequent editing and post-production work was also done entirely on the iPhone, using only the stock photo editing tools. This has been my modus operandi for the past two years and I still feel that I have yet to exhaust its creative possibilities.

One new wrinkle to come from this collection is the idea of multiple layers of editing. Usually, I will create a new work from a photograph and save it to my email or computer. This time, I saved to my email, but then downloaded them back to the iPhone and tinkered with them a second time. This was done with the majority of these pieces but not all, and I am very impressed by how well they turned out. My goal was to create a wide variety of works and art styles from screen printing to psychedelic pop art to cubism and surrealism and 1980s computer graphics.

Twenty pieces follow in this set. Feel free to take a look and tell me what you think. Everything is located just after the break –>

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