Contact: You can reach me at d.thomas1973[at]gmail[dot]com. All professional inquiries are welcome and I am available for freelance assignments.

About This Site: DT MEDIA is an independent publishing label and the home of writer/artist Daniel Thomas MacInnes. Our books are published in physical and digital formats and subjects include art, photography, current events and popular culture, including film, television, music, books and video games. This site also includes a blog that is updated regularly.

About The Author: MacInnes is the author of 19 published works since 2017. Previous writing collaborations include Horus, Prince of the Sun (Blu-Ray, DVD), Lupin the 3rd: The Complete First TV Series (DVD), Mi Vecino Miyazaki and Antes De Mi Vecino Miyazaki (books published in Spain). He is also the publisher of Ghibli Blog, an animation website that has received over five million page views since 2006. Freelance work includes Time Out London, Al Jazeera TV and GamePro. A Minnesota native, he currently resides in Chicago.