New Release: The Loop

The Loop is now live on Amazon for KDP Select. You can purchase the ebook for $4.99 or read for free on Kindle Unlimited Lending Library (a nice little service where most of my book revenues lie). I’ve updated the book’s page at the Books section to include product description and direct Amazon link, in addition to a sample image gallery.

I really like this one. It reminds me a lot of Pearl Jam’s fifth album Yield, which was very focused and mature, demonstrating their diverse and growing songwriting skills and demonstrating a tremendous amount of calm and self-confidence. It might be their finest work of the 1990s, and that’s really saying something. I feel The Loop shows a lot of maturity in my photography skills, especially in framing and composition and knowing just where to place people in the shots. My inspirations hail from cinema far more than the giants of street photography, as well as my own artistic indulgences on the editing and post-production side.

This completes my latest “wave” of books, bringing the grand total to 24 published titles. Can you believe such a thing? That’s hard for me to wrap my head around. Partially that’s due to being self-published and running an indie label, partly that’s due to most of these titles remaining digital exclusives (paperbacks are coming, I promise), partly that’s due to a lack of sales. At some point, somebody has to notice, I tell myself. It’s only a matter of getting the work out there and building a library large enough that it cannot be ignored. Such are the challenges for pioneers, and believe me, what I’m doing by publishing art ebooks is pioneering work.

In any event, here’s book number twenty-four. It’s great, you’ll love it. And if you’re a street photographer, you should be publishing ebooks just like it.

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