Art Gallery: A Few Unused Photos

As it often happens, I find myself with photographs that don’t find their way onto finished books. Either the material didn’t fit the themes of various projects, or they were experiments that didn’t continue into the future. So these are essentially sketches or practice works that would influence later albums.

If memory serves, I captured these photos of a nearby Lao Sze Chuan restaurant in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood in early April. I was just goofing around with “Biotracer” pop art variations, thinking of how I could use it for a future project. Wasn’t exactly sure where it could go, but I was thinking of visiting more locations and doing something in that style.

A week later, I dusted off my Portraits project that had been in a holding pattern since last summer and created a set of photos. That sparked a full revival and within four weeks, I had 30 model sets and 270 digital artworks. Needless to say, all the energy for my pop art obsessions were already expended here, and so there’s no space left for anything else at the moment.

Looking forward, I honestly don’t see any use for these photos, as the rest of my year is already committed to a large number of book projects. And given the way my creative inspiration saunters along, my mind could be in an entirely different space by this time next year. I’m not sure if I’d even be interested in making a series or a book out of these photos. What are the ongoing themes? What am I trying to say? How does it relate to my previous work? How does it show an evolution of my art?

So, whatever. I’ll just post them here and let everyone enjoy them right here and now. Beyond that, I wouldn’t count on seeing them again. As always, if that ever changes, you’ll be the first to know.

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