Art Gallery: A Look at Portraits

I wanted to share a few more pieces from my upcoming art/photography book, Portraits. This will feature 30 sets and approximately 300 photos, and I’m nearly finished. I only have four more sets to complete, which could be completed as early as Monday but might run a little longer, depending on the quality of the artwork.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this project finished. It began last July and I created number of pop art inspired pieces taken from digital photographs and edited on my iPhone Xr. It continues the heavy Pop Art style as seen in Biotracer, Fire Shark and The White Album, so if you enjoyed those volumes, you will enjoy this one as well. I felt I was long overdue for some portraits and faces, as nearly everything I do is either abstract art, landscapes or architecture photos.

I honestly hadn’t planned on yet another massively large book, especially after The White Album’s mammoth collection of 320 photographs. I really would like to return to the smaller travelogues of my earlier publications, but when inspiration strikes you just have to go with it. Additionally, I felt that an art book with only a dozen or so models would feel a bit lightweight, even though there are 4-15 shots for each model. The readers should get enough value for their money, and if that means another double album, so be it. Miles Davis released nothing but double albums in the 1970s, so if he could do it, I can do it.

Here is a sampling of the entire collection so far. As you can see, the art styles range wildly from painterly to abstract and employ a wide variety of digital techniques. As always, the goal is create digital art that doesn’t look like digital art, or certainly what passes as digital these days. I want something that is more painterly, something that feels hand-drawn with pens and paintbrushes. What I find especially fascinating is how all of these can be created on a stock iPhone photo app. That tool is far more powerful and versatile than most anyone would expect, and I hope this upcoming book will help make the case for other artists and photographers to flex their creative muscles and push the medium forward.

Am really looking forward to releasing this volume and hearing your thoughts. Stay tuned.

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